Our Bars

The Brchitects organise wedding parties

Make your wedding or party something very special and memorable

Our Bars work for Private, Corporate or Large public gatherings. We have relationships with wedding and country venues which makes locating YOUR inflatable pub easy.

Whether it’s your Wedding, Birthday or Work party, our Mobile Bar and Themed Inflatable Pub will ensure that you have a safe, affordable and great time!

We offer the following types of bar:

  • Cash Bar (Your guests pay for their drinks from the menu of your choice)
  • Open Bar (You put money behind the bar and guests can drink it dry)
  • Vouchers (Your guests will get prepaid tokens and can trade them for drinks at the bar. Any additional drinks can be paid for at the bar)

Mobile Bar rental – £250-350 per day

Inflatable Pub (incl Bar)- £600 per day

Mobile Bar for festivals and events

Our Cedar wood bar is mobile and we can get it to wherever you need it to be. This can be a cash bar or prepaid. Our bar is staffed with professional bar staff trained in great customer service, but more importantly….rapid service!

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Inflatable Pub

We’ll bring our inflatable pub to you, stocked with the booze of your choice! Pick from one of our inflatable pub themes and we’ll turn our inflatable pub into whatever you want. We hate queueing at the bar, so you shouldn’t have to, our waitresses will bring the drinks to you at your table! Themed Blow Up Pub, Cheap Drinks, Waitresses, Music, Projector, Party Games, Beer Pong, Quiz, photo Booth…. why not?

Inflatable pub c£600 per day depending on location

mobile bar

Your own bar… for keeps

We can build your own bar just for you.

Perhaps you want to start your own mobile bar business, or perhaps you would love to have a fixed bar at the bottom of the garden for those warm summer nights. Whatever the motivation, we can design, build and deliver your bar to you. Get in touch and let us know the measurements, budget and requirements and we can design, build and deliver in 10 working days.