What the hell is a duck fart?


The story of the Duck Fart in Watford We were managing a private birthday with the inflatable in Hertfordshire a few weeks back and my friend said, “why don’t we give them a load of duck farts” I beg your pardon….. what the hell is a duck fart? Ingredients ½ […]

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Drinking Game additional Rules


No matter which Drinking Game game you are playing, whether its the Name Game, Majibuwa, 3 frogs, spoof or 21, its always fun to throw in some additional curve balls. What do you mean? I hear you ask, you are on your way to being fairly intoxicated and you are using […]

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The Name Game – Drinking Games


What do you need for the Name Game: A Drink each People who meet the criteria: knowledge of famous people and patience Main Rules: A category is established, e.g. Movie stars, Footballers, Musicians, Singers, British Celebrities Each person has to state the name of a famous person whose first letter […]

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21 – Thinking Man’s Drinking Game


21 – A fun, mildly complicated, time consuming but rewarding Drinking Game What do you need: A Drink each People who meet the criteria: basic intelligence, numeracy and patience Main Rules: Can say upto 3 numbers in one go 1 number moves in the same direction 2 numbers skips a […]

Drinking games & Northampton Students


We were down at Northampton University for their freshers week final fair. Well what a night that turned out to be, Northampton Uni put Cardiff Met to shame. They drank us dry, we had to run to the shops 3 times to get more spirits! 3 drinks for £10… no wonder!They […]

Festival of Flavour and Vodka Gummi Bears


The Barchitects will be going down to Cardiff Metropolitan University this weekend, but let us tell you about Mencap and the Festival of Flavour Charity event in Bishops Stortford. It was last Sunday, and it didn’t start brilliantly, with the event’s power supply cutting out 3 times in a row […]